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Student Services

Student Life

St. Elizabeth College of Nursing students have many opportunities to participate in social, cultural, spiritual, and community events within the greater Utica area throughout their college experience. Participation in these activities gives the student opportunities for growth in individual and group settings, to volunteer in the community, and a chance to participate in leadership, decision making, and other related skills.

The College is a member of the Stanley Performing Arts Center and the Broadway Theatre League. Also, you may wish to visit:, an active site for students of the Mohawk Valley Region.

Organization and Government

All students are eligible for membership in the Student Association that functions in matters pertaining to social activities, professional development and civic responsibilities. The purpose of the Association is to enhance student leadership and individual responsibility, foster such conditions that will provide for optimum growth and happiness for each individual and promote the welfare of the College.  It encourages cooperation among faculty, staff and students by promoting dialogue concerning issues that pertain to all.  The elected representatives of each class serve on specific committees, e.g. Information Literacy & Technology and Campus Safety & Security. 

Student Health

The Student Health Office is responsible for ensuring that all students at the St. Elizabeth College of Nursing are in compliance with the New York State Department of Health regulations. Annual reassessment is performed to ensure that the students are free from any health impairment that would be a potential risk to their patients or others, or interfere with the student's performance of his/her duties.

Students are expected to obtain and carry their own private health insurance. 

Services for Students with Special Needs

Students may contact the designated Disabilities Services Coordinator Julie Wells-Tsiatsos, MSN,RNC-OB, Dean of Student & Faculty Development (315) 801-3078 to discuss potential accommodations. Accommodations are implemented to ensure compliance with American Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

The College of Nursing building is handicap accessible.

Disability Services Handbook 2023-2024

Counseling and Advisement Services

The College of Nursing recognizes that students have varied backgrounds of ability, interest and life experiences. The fundamental aim of the counseling program is to help the student become more fully responsible for the direction and quality of his/her life. Support services, including counseling and tutoring, are available to students. Campus counseling is available by a qualified counselor.

Nancy A. Roman Nursing Resource Center

The Nursing Resource Center (Skills Lab) is located on the third floor of the education building. This center is used by freshmen and senior students to practice and develop essential psychomotor skills that promote the safe practice of nursing. Students can practice clinical skills in a spacious area that simulates a clinical unit, consisting of a central nurses' station that is surrounded by individual client care stations.

Recreational Facilities

The Recreation Room, located within the College, provides a relaxing atmosphere. Students taking courses at SUNY Poly can enjoy the many benefits of student life, counseling services, gym, campus center, student health, library etc.. Visit for more information.

Career and Placement Services

Career and placement services are offered to students who seek employment opportunities while attending school by contacting the Nurse Recruiter. Senior nursing students seeking entry level positions as a graduate/registered nurse are made aware of available jobs within the Mohawk Valley Health System

Area employers are encouraged to send notices of job fairs and job openings to be posted at the College.

Computer Resource Room

A resource room, located on the second floor, is equipped with 18 computers and is used to instruct students in computer, math, and writing skills.

Library Service

The Nursing Library is staffed by two, full-time professional trained (MLS) medical librarians who provide information/research/database searching /interlibrary services/orientation and training to nursing students, faculty and staff of the St. Elizabeth College of Nursing.

The Library consists of a large study room with tables and chairs where students can study in small and larger groups. The back of the library has two small study rooms available for private or small group study. Additional group study rooms are available on the second and fourth floors of the College of Nursing. Students have access to the Nursing Library’s on-line collection of e-books and e-journals through Moodle and there is still a very small print book collection. Articles or books not available at the College Library can be obtained through Interlibrary Loan at no cost from other libraries.

Media Center/Computer Lab

The Media Center is fully equipped with modern computer hardware and software. Students utilize computer-assisted instruction in all courses and have access to the Media Center for independent projects and research work. Internet and wireless access is available to all students.

Classrooms feature state-of-the-art equipment including comfortable seating for interactive learning.

The science lab is located on the fourth floor of the education building where microbiology is taught by SUNY Poly faculty. Laboratory facilities include 20 individual stations for students' use, featuring microscopes and other needed equipment for class experiments and practice.

Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Free Campus

St. Elizabeth College of Nursing is a tobacco-free, alcohol-free and drug-free campus. The College reserves the right to perform random screening.

Alumni Association

All graduates are encouraged to maintain ties with classmates and the College by joining St. Elizabeth College of Nursing Alumni Association. Through annual dues and fund-raising events, the Association funds special projects for the College of Nursing and provides scholarships for students.

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