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General Donations

St. Elizabeth College of Nursing has a history of 120 years of preparing nurses for practice who excel in their nursing knowledge and skills!

Our "Reputation of Excellence and Tradition of Caring" set this College apart from other nursing programs in central New York! Won't you help keep this tradition alive by donating to the College? A donation of any amount makes a difference to us. The monies will be used to enhance our leading-edge technology in student learning resources and will also promote faculty development initiatives. Thank you in advance - help us keep the College thriving for many years to come!

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Scholarship Fund

Making a donation to the St. Elizabeth College of Nursing Scholarship Fund will assist those students with financial need to finally have the opportunity to realize their dream - not only of becoming a registered nurse, but a registered nurse who graduated from the prestigious St. Elizabeth College of Nursing!

As a private college, our tuition costs are higher than a public institution - we strive to make this education affordable through the generosity of our scholarship donors. Thank you in advance for your financial assistance!

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