St. Elizabeth College of Nursing

College Strategic Plan

St. Elizabeth College of Nursing Strategic Plan: 2024-2029

Objective 1:

Support our students to promote their achievement of student learning outcomes and program outcomes


  1. Refine admission criteria to ensure holistic review of applicants
  2. Enhance academic support to provide a strong foundation of theory and nursing practice
  3. Partner with SUNY Polytechnic Institute to explore students' experiences in the 1+2+1 Nursing Partnership Pathway to strengthen student readiness

Objective 2:

Engage our college community in the spirit of the Franciscan values


  1. Engage with members of the community to promote active citizenship and lifelong learning
  2. Increase college community awareness of diverse populations
  3. Promote safety for all members of the college community

Objective 3:

Manage resources in collaboration with the governing organization and the college community


  1. Develop a comprehensive budget inclusive of operations, capital requests, grants, investments, scholarships, endowments/donations and student fees
  2. Improve marketing and recruitment
  3. Coordinate resources to respond to regulatory requirements

Objective 4:

Promote scholarship across our college community


  1. Improve professional development activities across the college community
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