Transfer Credit Policies

PURPOSE- To establish a process for St. Elizabeth College of Nursing (SECON) to accept transfer credit for a course or courses completed in other postsecondary higher learning organizations when comparable in scope and content to the nursing program's own coursework.

The acceptance of credit for transfer is primarily based on the competencies achieved by the student in previously completed coursework and whether the competencies align with the coursework and the nursing program into which the credit is to be transferred. The Admission Committee shall review transcripts for appropriate placement within the curriculum. After determination that the transfer credit shall be accepted by SECON, the Admission Committee shall document the criteria for acceptance and the name of the governing organization.

The eligibility of courses considered for transfer will include:

·         A grade of a "C" or higher.

·         Review of the transferring course syllabus and course objectives to evaluate congruency with SECON courses or approved general education course.

·         Review of laboratory science courses such as Anatomy & Physiology I and II  and Microbiology to ensure they are taken within the five-year limit.

Applicants with science courses taken over the five-year limit may take a challenge exam with a grade of "C" or higher to receive transfer credit. Applicants with Advanced Placement courses in high school will receive credit with a grade of three (3) or higher.

Established articulation agreements shall be published in the College Catalogue and on SECON's website. 

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