Additional Admission Requirements Include:

High School Graduate

  1. Academic average: 80-85%
  2. SAT: 1000 (greater than or equal to 500 in Verbal and Math) or ACT composite of 22 or higher
  3. Evidence of successful completion: Algebra, English, Biology and Chemistry
  4. Two professional references (e.g. guidance counselors, teachers)

College Transfer

  1. Twenty four (24) college credits or greater: cumulative GPA of 2.75 required
  2. Less than twenty four (24) college credits earned and less than 3 years since High School graduation, the candidate will be evaluated based on his/her high school and college academic record 
  3. Completed standardized test (e.g. SAT, ACT, TEAS or KAPLAN) within the last three (3) years. SECON will offer a free KAPLAN exam on campus if applicant has not had a standardized test or it is older than three (3) years. 
  4. Two professional references (e.g. employer, teacher, or anyone who can provide objective information)

Applicants must consent to any/all admission-related examinations, including but not limited to, health and drug screening tests and background investigation checks as required by the College.  Failure to submit to any/all health requirements and screenings will deem the candidate ineligible for admission to the College as will a positive drug screen.  If evidence exists of a reported case of a felony or misdemeanor, the College President may review the report with the Medical Center's Legal Department and make a final decision as to acceptance or denial of the applicant. Any/all special circumstances will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Admissions Committee. 

Note: All applications become the property of St. Elizabeth College of Nursing and will not be returned.