SUNYPoly/SECON 1+2+1 Program

SUNYPoly/SECON 1+2+1 Joint Articulation Partnership: Plan of Study


Fall Semester Credits
BIO215 Anatomy & Physiology I 4.0
SOC100 Intro to Sociology 4.0
ENG101 Freshman English 4.0
FYS101 First Year Seminar 1.0
  General Education 4.0
Spring Semester Credits
BIO216 Anatomy & Physiology II 4.0
ANT Cultural Anthropology 4.0
STATS100 Intro to Stats 4.0
  General Education 4.0


Fall Semester Credits
NUR116 Fundamentals of Nursing 8.0
NUR141 Intro to Pharmacotherapy 2.0
PSY100 Principles of Psychology 4.0
BIO351 Genetics                                                        4.0
Spring Semester Credits
NUR118 Concepts of Holistic Nursing I 8.0
NUR142 Caring Processes in Pharmacotherapy 2.0
BIO275 Microbiology 4.0
NUR325 Epidemiology 2.0
Summer Semester      Credits


Clinical Pract                                                             


NUR300 Transitions: Bridge to Baccalaureate Nsg Edu 2.0


Fall Semester Credits
NUR230 Nursing and Women's Health 4.0
NUR231 Nursing of the Childrearing Family 4.0
NUR243 Issues in Professional Nursing Practice 1.0
NUR313 Theoretical Bases for Professional Nursing 4.0
PSY220 Developmental Psychology 4.0
Spring Semester Credits
NUR240 Medical-Surgical Nursing II                               9.0
NUR244 Transition to Professional Practice 1.0
NUR314 Comp. Health Assessment 4.0
Summer Semester
*32 Nursing credits transfer into SUNYIT upon matriculation into BS nursing program


Fall Semester Credits
COM308 Upper Division Writing 4.0
BIO350 Advanced Physiology 4.0
NUR455 Public Health Nursing Science I 4.0
NUR390 Nursing Research 4.0
Spring Semester Credits
NUR444 Leadership 4.0
NUR474 Public Health Nursing Science II 4.0
NUR490 Culminating Seminar 2.0
  General Education 4.0

*32 credits in nursing are transferred from SECON which includes the equivalent of NUR480 Special Topics (1 cr.) and NUR344 Ethical Issues in Nursing (2 cr.) at SUNYIT. Program assumes all General Education waivers for SUNYIT School of Nursing program remain in place.