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Moving-Up Ceremony Held at College of Nursing

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

St. Elizabeth College of Nursing held its Moving-Up Day ceremony on Tuesday, August 26, 2014. The ceremony recognized 74 students who have advanced from the first year of the nursing program (freshmen students) to the second year (senior students).

During the ceremony, the following awards were presented:

For Excellence in Academic Achievement: Weekday student: Ashley Ramsey and Weekend student: Tracy Vincent

For Excellence in Clinical Achievement: Weekday student: Besire Fetahaj and Weekend student: Akeemah Codrington.

For Exemplifying the College's Model of Nursing: Weekday student: Bonnie Smith and Weekend student: Tammy LeFever.

For Leadership within the College Community: Weekday student: Svetlana Huhko and Weekend student: Nicole Frankland

The Weekday Class of 2014 presented two awards: one to a student who is energetic, encouraging and always willing to help classmates. This award went to Cheri VanEtten. One to a student who has a strong commitment and dedication to nursing. This award was presented to Laura Tolbert.

The Weekend Class of 2013 presented an award to Jennifer Winchell in Memory of Daniel J. Cozza.

The Weekend Class of 2014 presented two awards to Sally Rush and Douglas Yates in Honor of Marian Kovatchitch.

In memory of Georgianna Humpf: Anna Garrison

In memory of Rose Maggiolino, a graduate of the Class of 1941: Brittany Corey

The Marie C. McQueen Scholarship was awarded to Geoffrey Lawton.

The St. Marianne Cope Scholarship was awarded to Amber Dietrich. This scholarship was made possible through the generous donations of the Board of Directors of St. Elizabeth College of Nursing.

Faculty and Staff of St. Elizabeth College of Nursing presented two awards to Jordan Buckbee and Amy Godfrey in Honor of Marian Kovatchitch.


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